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ZOOM Fatigue?

In light of the pandemic, we have no other choice but to take our communications viral. I have no doubt that when we can one day meet face to face, we will jump at the chance. Until then, we must keep our conversations going virtually.

Remember back in the day when letters were our main source of communication? I think that many of us still have letters that we treasure and will save them and re-read them to remember the good old days. Our virtual communications are no substitute for a hello handshake or hug but we can still connect.

Take a deep breath and embrace the idea that we have the means to use technology to keep making progress. Think about the isolation that some feel who either do not have this resource or worse, have no idea how to access it.

We are lucky and blessed. Don't grow weary. One day we will look back and see these times as the good old days.

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