About Debra 

Striving to Make Life Better

The oldest of 5, I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to others. Early on, it was clear that there was always someone stronger, prettier, with more clothes and money, and at the same time, I knew that there were also many who had less than I did. These opposite ends of the spectrum, gave me the drive to work hard, never taking anything or anyone for granted.

I love my garden, books, my husband of 39 years, my two amazing daughters, my family,  and my fur baby, Harley. I can binge on HGTV and romantic comedies, and movies about the military during WWII. 

One of the characteristics that I posses from My Strength Finder Assessment is the need to maximize opportunities in any situation. I can't help but want to leave things better than how I found it, which is why bringing philanthropists and non-profits together to make life better is what I was destined to do.

Reach Your Fundraising Goals

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