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Philanthropy Professionals Paralyzed By the Pandemic: The challenge to engage Donors during COVID19

These are times like most of us have never witnessed before. Fear and anxiety can create a paralysis that keep us from fearlessly engaging donors, causing a void in developing important relationships on behalf of our organizations. Now is not the time to clam up, instead, this is a time that we need to flex our brave muscles and engage our donors with the utmost care and concern. Many of our long-time supporters are experiencing many of the emotions that we face. They too may be anxious, uncertain, and some are suffering the ravages of this terrible virus.

Now is the time to be selfless, and boldly reach out to donors on behalf of our respective organizations. Address your personal needs:

Eat right, get sleep, exercise, meditate or pray and boldly engage, cultivate and provide extreme stewardship to the people and organizations that have supported you for years.

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